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Hi Dr Corenman,
Thank you so much,
Mostly the pain in the neck, shoulder, some tingling and pain in arms and fingers, at times back of head hurts expecially laying back in chair. I have had vertigo short minute spans and adjust head and stops. 2016 trip to hospital 1st time uncontrollable sickness, no findings. When I was working on feet 12+ hrs legs would not want to go and hurt, at times pain would radiate out the right side of my neck. I have tingling, numbness in toes both feet and have had regular muscle spams back of legs and feet close to a year, occasionally now. Originally went to Dr in Feb. I thought having lower back issues and neck would both be addressed. So I literaly had to choose, walking issues I chose back, I have had on/off issues for the last few years. I have facial tingling, top of head tingling and even outer ears can hurt. ENT no ear problems, have pain in front of neck. I have not worked since the end of December. I had 2 incidents in November and December of last year back pain, neck pain and hard getting in and out of car. I have had previous back surgery in early 80’s it was thought at that time it was growing pains. I have on and off sciatica pain that occurs in both legs including hips. Recently going now to foot doctor over the numbness, 1st visit. I loose balance out of no ware and last month fell on concrete with small fracture in elbow, healing well no cast.
I get stiff and hurt if sit to long, I hurt if up to long, can be walking fine and suddenly just take a turn. I had back surgery for spondylolisthesis, had knot that protruded and sciatica pain 1 leg got really bad, if no surgery at that time I would be crippled by 30. All went well. I recently rubbed by knee and now experiencing the tingle down the lower front of leg. I have had shots in my back twice. I am at lost of what comes from my back now and what comes from my neck. I appreciate your feedback so much. I am 61 and have worked retail all my life in a very demanding atmosphere, from unloading trucks weekly, pushing freight, running registers, computer work covering shifts and sitting at computer in length. I do have barrettes and ear pain, I do not go to the Dr for ear pain anymore because I never have an ear infection. Went to ENT for pain in neck and I have a cir. bar at C5, I believe referred to as slight dysplasia. I’m sure I left something out. Thank you again