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“I can’t easily connect the lig flavum buckling to the head impact except to say it’s possible” if this not see in early MRI years after the trauma (so its very hard to say this happened in time of the injury .
buckling ligament also connection to degeneration of the disc (also loss disc high ) you can confirm this information that mechanically (question :loss high of the disc affect on the ligament flavun to buckling .?for example also if the ligament flavum buckling after cumulative time this is in general result off loss disc high and degeneration of the disc ?
for your what you see in my IMAGES i have arthritis in the neck ?
i have degeneration disc ?
if we take out the problem what “compression on the cord” (symptoms of gait i have not yet or falling this is not happened (just 2 times before 8 months )
but neck pain i have a lot of years after the injury what causes my chronic neck pain?
” I cannot connect your symptoms to your neck.” you mean to the symptoms of gait problem (normal gait in but weakness in lower and falling ?(