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you know i was have in history trauma of head (and this affected on neck also ) .
now in the medical world the most common reason for problem with the legs and arms it is cervical stenosis ,average happen in people over 50-60 years at least .
now in my MRI last one we see very small area of buckling ligament flavum in the back of area of c3-4 level .
but when i m looked to the MRI view of the neck of 2016 or 2020 i don’t see any sign of buckling of ligament flavum . so i suspected that it is possible this little buckling of ligament flavum that statred to contact with spinal cord even this not pressere but make contact little to cord and contact with cord (cause the symptoms of impossible/hard to walking fast ,even falling two times after weakness in the lower limbs.
off course you have the experience of more 30 years spine surgeon ,and you see my images listen to my symptoms ,and with that information you conclusion that the images don’t support on the my symptoms .
1.what you have to say a bout that the images of past MRI don’t show any pressre of the ligament flavum ?
2.what is make the ligament flavum to buckling in cervical spine ?
thanks .