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I have had lots of weird symptoms over the years, needed ambulances out to me many times. Sometimes it is my heart as I have SVT and A-fib, along with Sinus Tachycardia, but alot of it now I think, is my spine. I get tingling around my knees and down my legs. I get electric strikes as you call them in my lumbar when I am stood up. It will just come on suddenly, stop me in my tracks for a second or two then go again. A sharp pain in lumbar that takes my breath away. Other attacks I have are – I lose all balance sense and fall to left, face goes white on left and sags slightly, face goes red on right as does right ear. I fall over and it lasts afew hours then just goes. Sometimes my A-fib does it, but I wonder if there is some blockage of blood to my head? I had scans years ago for this and they said all was normal but they didn’t scan my head turned I don’t think? I shall have to check that with GP. In 2016 Physio` said I was occluding Vertebral arteries when he did the test – hanging my head over the end of the bed and turning it. But no Dr will ever listen when I tell them because it isn’t written on my records, and they only believe what Drs have put on my records, which i find odd. But recently these past 2 years I have had trouble with arm usage, every time I used my right arm I nearly fainted. We noticed it when I tried to decorate my room so I was using arm alot. My son noticed everytime I used right arm I felt faint, so we went to A&E. I had doppler scans which found inflamed tendons and Bursa, and impingement provocative test on right was positive. But shoulder Dr wouldn’t operate and has since told me in my complaint reply that NHS banned funding for the surgery needed. I have asked NHS if this is true and they say no. So you can see what I am up against. Lots of either useless Drs that know nothing or Drs that lie.