Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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Your comment “I did get some relief with the L5-S1” along with your symptoms “where initially pain was felt in the gluteal region and R hip. I had difficulty with sit to stand. This gradually went away. Now, my foot issues appear to be amplified with prolong sitting” does fit with a radiculopathy. Added to the symptoms, relief with an L5-S1 block points to the HNP right L5-S1 as your pain generator.

I’m not clear what surgeon B thinks but surgeon A’s advice; “do a laminectomy to see if we can unroof this and give him as nerves more space with a foraminotomy and medial facetectomy on the right side” sounds like a good idea. No fusion should be contemplated especially below a pars defect.

Dr. Corenman