Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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You don’t give me as much knowledge of your symptoms (“numb feet” and “symptoms in the shoulders”) but I can give you a rundown of what could be occurring. You do have central canal narrowing which could lead to myelopathy (compression and dysfunction of the spinal cord). The shoulder symptoms could be from the shoulders or from nerve compression in the neck (“severe intervertebral foraminal on the right and moderate on the left”)

“At C5-6, moderate vertebral canal stenosis and marked indentation and flattening of the ventral cord but no overt compression or evidence of intra medullary signal abnormality. There is severe intervertebral foraminal on the right and moderate on the left
At C6-7, further moderate vertebral canal stenosis and ventral cord flattening is demonstrated. Again there is no overt compression or cord signal abnormality. Severe right and moderate left sided intervertebral foraminal narrowing is demonstrated.
At C7-T1, moderate to severe intervertebral foraminal narrowing is demonstrated, worse on the right.
No other significant neuroforaminal narrowing or evidence of any compressive radiculopathy elsewhere.
Modest atlantoaxial joint degeneration is noted otherwise the craniocervical junction is normal”.

At L3-4, there is moderate vertebral canal stenosis and crowding of the cauda equina roots but without overt compression. There appear to be subtle bilateral degenerative facet joint effusions.

I’ll give you some homework to read about and we can talk after you have a better understanding of what could be going on.

Dr. Corenman