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Car accident back in December of 2021.

Pain in my neck and shoulders is about a 30% that’s consists of a lot of stiffness of moving my head up and down and left to right. The pain in my lower arms, hands and mostly thumbs is 70%. This consists of numbness and tingling. I can’t write or use my hands for more than 5 minutes without having to stop because they hurt or really don’t want to function as they normally should. They are just weak.

Constant severe headaches since February the pain is about a 7-8 everyday, it can knock me off my feet for days at a time where I can’t leave my bed. It always starts at the back of my head on the right side (eventually where the lump is now) works it’s way up the right side, to the front of my head and eventually to the back of my right eye. The lump I noticed a couple months ago and that’s when I decided to go in to see my doctor.

Hand pain is about 8-9

Shoulders 2-4

Neck 4-6