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Dr. Corenman

25 months post surgery though I really started doing PT including inversion table 3-4 months or so after the surgery due to the covid19 outbreak.

There has been oveall improvement.
I think the nerve recovered from L5 root down to the foot. I now can sit with my right leg on the left one or lye (put pressure) on my right sciatic nerve without it aggravating my foot paresthesia.

The problem still remains in the foot I can feel somthing is going out there (burning, tingling, stabing pain) but still wearing a tight close shoe or putting pressure on my foot balls is painf and unpleasant. the process didn’t reach all the afferent nerve endings.

Based on the fact that we don’t know exactly what damage have been caused to my L5 NR during those 9-10 months of compression and assuming that we are talking about axonotmesis with these symptomatic findings over this period of recovery time my questions are:

1) From the known medical literature can sensorial (afferent) nerve get atrophied / become scar tissue? I mean can I feel numbness instead of pain or in other words the path to recovery is pain becoming numbness and maybe afterwards correct sensation signals?

2) Does lumbar radiculopathy (sciatica) that causes ONLY foot paresthesia classified as axonotmesis with recovery time greater than 24 months will ALWAYS end with some kind of neurological deficits?

Thank You