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You note: “I’m so afraid to go work. I had an episode after a heavy workload. I was profusely sweating, dizzy and weak….I have quite a few of these episodes ever since that day”.

You then note pertinent MRI findings of:
C3-4 Disc osteophyte complex contacting and minimally indenting the ventral margin of the cord to the left of midline. Mild central canal stenosis.
C4-5 Diffuse posterior disc osteophyte complex contacting and mildly indenting the cord with mild central canal stenosis. Mild left foraminal stenosis.
C5-6 Diffuse posterior disc osteophyte complex with left uncovertebral spurring. The complex contacts and mildly indents the cord with mild central canal stenosis. Severe left foraminal stenosis.
IMPRESSION: Multilevel disc osteophyte complexes with mild cord impingement. Small focus of hyperintense T2 signal within the cord at C3-4. probably representing myelomalacia.

This means your central canal which houses the spinal cord is too narrow causing cord compression and some injury. This is especially noted at C3-4. You need to be examined for signs of myelopathy and definitely need a spine surgeon’s consultation.

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