Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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Did this MRI have gadolinium (a “dye” injected into your vein) right before imaging? Gadolinium would have been necessary to differentiate scar from recurrent (or residual) disc HNP. If no gadolinium, you need to go back to the imaging center and demand a gadolinium series so this can be ferreted out. If there was gadolinium, you need an “over-read” where another neuroradiologist reads the film and gives his or her opinion.

With no relief after surgery, my bet is that the root was not fully decompressed. If it really was, it would be quite unusual to have such a large mass of scar tissue present. I would suspect there is a mix of herniated disc and scar as I’ve seen many times before but that would require gadolinium imaging. Even if it was only scar, the nerve can be re-decompressed but with less success rate.

Dr. Corenman