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Thanks doctor, I guess I didn’t copy the whole thing. Below is the Posterior work:

POSTERIOR SPINAL FUSION: Utilizing the retractor blades, the left L3 and L4 medial transverse processes, L3 pars, and the lateral aspect of the left L3-4 facet joint were identified. The posterolateral bony elements were denuded with electrocautery and then decorticated utilizing aggressive currettage. The space was packed with local autogenous bone graft and additional Vitoss with bone marrow aspirate in order to perform posterior spinal fusion posterolaterally at the facet.

POSTERIOR INSTRUMENTATION: A 55 mm rods was placed. Set screws were placed and then finally tightened utilizing torque-limiting screwdriver. The entire construct was then visualized utilizing fluoroscopic imaging in both AP and lateral views and noted to be in appropriate location. In this manner, posterior non-segmental instrumentation was performed.

CLOSURE: Copious irrigation was performed. The fascia was closed with #0 Stratafix suture. The subcutaneous tissue was closed with 2-0 Vicryl suture. The skin was closed with 4-0 Monocryl Stratafix suture. Dermabond and Steri-Strips were applied. Marcaine 0.25% was injected. Sterile bi-occlusive dressings were applied.