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“potential long-term risks of instability and kyphosis. The posterior structures resist flexion and these are removed with surgery”
I m know that (the nuchal ligament it is very important to keep head in neutral position and i read this ligament contact mostly to c1 to c7
So by doing laminectomy in level of c4 or c4 and c5 you not need to damage this ligament.(one surgeon say me this very clearly in ZOOM meeting .
Post laminectomy kiposis Risk high when you doing multi level laminectomy or remove c7 (then you need laminectomy and Fusion.
Also important to see the xr alignment if lordosis (you can enter from posterior)
The second problem of instability ,why this Risk high ?
Because by remove the ligament flavum respond to stability of spine in cervical region.
** What the risk not to do surgery :
Developed more weakness in legs,arms, maybe myelopathy will come
,hard to walking in the future
Conclusions: losses more cells in the cord.
I think cervical central canal stenosis symptomatic quick need to be treat
(You don’t think so also ?(off course u don’t do me Physical examination
So you don’t see this side .