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You can refer please to line of posterior ligament flavum line in MRI LAST ONE
On sagittal t 2 and also t 1 ?
I know that losses the high of the disc and degeneration causes to the ligament flavum buckling (and i was have degeneration of c2-5 (u can see the MRI OF 2016 )
SO THIS LEAD to the ligament flavum buckling on the spinal cord (u think this not compress on the spinal cord even not little compress (on the cord by 10-15 % of the cord in the specific slices (area posterior small area)

” I understand that you have symptoms of long tract signs but I don’t believe this is generated by your neck.”
When u take a look properly on the last
3 MRI IN LAST 6 months .
YOU convenience this not causes the symptoms of dysfunction in lower extremity ,also started feel needles in the trunk before 2 weeks
*Also u take a look to first MRI BEFORE 5 YEARS.
All of the information SCAN i will share with u ,also my symptoms and history here published.