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Ligamentum flavum is a vestigial ligament ? so if the contract what make them to contract
the main reason (I know the answer ) but want to hear from u
i listen to lectures from someone very Expert and he say why this happen and also that can lead to “somethings
call central stenosis “and this is not good things and if its bad enough you can get somethings call myelopathy very series (significant disability in people he say )” (this man he have
more than 30 years of Experience (he is not a surgeon ) but he D.C and BS.C of DR and is lectures on YouTube very deep to the c spine (he also do lectures very orderly on HOW to read c SPINE MRI .
he is very Expert.
so From your Experience this not my Case (when you see THE MRI )
see the xr ,and here my symptoms :
* heavy legs before 5 months started
1.impossible to go fast walking (from middle November 2021 ) like i before 4 months (not have any gait base )
2.falling 2 times just in last 3 mounts after pins and needles more often in the legs
3.pins and needles started before 3 months in legs in the begin after also to hands .
4.bfore 1 months test hyperreflexia in legs .
5.before one week test by neurologist Hoffman positive in R hand , Tromner R positive ,hyperreflexia
in two legs , with mild clonus , hyperreflexia in R hand ,
,sensitive:poor feeling left arm and leg .
brain Test normal,carnival nerves normal .
history :was big trauma in the swimming pool in 2010 this was you can call big trauma(from head to neck in backstroke swimming ) to the cervical spine
chronic neck pain in last 7 years but more worsen over the last years .
from all of this information also with history and SCAN u do not think the cervical causes my last symptoms :from middle of november 2021