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“I see the possibility of local upper neck pain ”
THIS is also one of my symptoms i feel for time to time severe neck pain in the back of the upper neck but this pain stop in the back of the neck ,and sometimes with extremes pain (i thinks this also come from upper facet arthritis.
u see the XR flex /ext and normal of my C spine ?(the xr was in standing off course )
u do not say what u thinking a bout the line of the ligament flavum (on MRI January 2022) them not in symmetrical line ?(you do not refer to it ?
and also some questions: about causes of why this happens (ligament buckling ) but i m read and also listen to lectures why this happen,but I m also ask u as spine surgeon gave me the reason >?
and also in the past white my specific injury and MRI from the past if any other treatment will prevention this ?