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I understand that you are fixated on the ligamentum
this because
I don’t see any OTHER issue in the cervical region .
and I see a neurologist and they don’t think I have any neurologic disease ONE neurologist say me before 2 months I need to be followed after the cervical spine and do MRI in the few next months
he don’t tell me why I feel the symptoms and (also say he didn’t know if this come from the ligamentum (locked area stenosis he write )
but he say :there is no doubt at all that you don’t have any neurologic disease!(i pay him 500$ for the meeting with him )
the last one neurologist dr I see before week send me to do also brain MRI .
*and in the thoracic spine don’t see any problem (u take a look on the thoracic spine my 2021/12
it does not see any compression (and my symptoms it is also in the neck , more weakness in the lower limbs (very more to compare the upper limbs but (when the compress started from the posterior cervical what is the started losses function(i read in your website it is legs (because legs it is more out side of the fiber in the spinal cord ?this correct ?
“. You can get flex/ext MRI”( so he does important i can do regular MRI of c spine and ig the compression advantage this will see also in the regular MRI supine ?)(because my next MRI will be NOT with flex/ext ?