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So u offer me to do also MRI cervical spine on the stomach”
If the MRI was performed with you lying on your stomach, the cord wound not have contact with that “mound” but lie on the disc spaces without ”
AND what a bout a MRI on the back ,he needed to do by normal (witt out MRI cervical in flexion and extension also )?
Because 2 nerosurgeon dr recommended me to do the new MRI also with extension and flexion
(But i m going to do regular c MRI )
in this case it is important that the
NEW MRI do also with this position?
And also what a bout the slices of axial t 2(3.3 mm it is big slices and can miss the correct diagnosis in this case ?i need to get at least 2 mm axial MRI C ?
BECAUSE in the image of November when the slices was smaller it see the area that involved more good .
What u recommended me in this point
To do ?
(also brain MRI I will do by the next 2 weeks.