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Very important not to do any surgery if this not contact to the problem
Also by remove the ligament flavum one are very important to stability of cervical spine structure
Can causes instability of verterbral colom
If not needed ,also other risk of the surgery.
But to protect the spinal cord it is very important not matter what !
If It is causes the problem what is the best treatment for this .
physical Therapy in this stage if ligament causes problems i can reverse the process ,or stopped him for advanced
Them say what are the symptoms of hypertrophy ligament flavum in the neck ,and think that surgery it is the last option and says that most hospital in the world recommended laminectomy because them don’t know how to treat this conservative
U r also have D.C in your early career
u treated people with ligament flavum hypertrophy in the neck region the are symptomatic (and also very important them have degeneration of the disc on the front related to cumulative disc )?