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DR Donald Corenman
your website gives me a lot of information .
You are very expert (i ask u here a lot of questions )
and you answer in your open time from time to time a lot .(i will thank you to this but to some questions )
i have another questions and i m also get a lot of answers when i m read on the topic (or watched on another one expert have YouTube lectures dedicated to the cervical spine.
i was see one spine surgeonfrom US on zoom DO very PUPLUAR on youtube do a very popular video on youtube called cervical stenosis (but he does NOT have website very impressive and with a lot info like (i was doing with him zoom appointment last before one week (750 $ cost ) (recommended me laminectomy c 4 and say also c 5 lamina )
i know that if you remove the ligament flavum it cause instability because the ligament flavum very important to the stability, particularly in the cervical spine .
off course if u need to open the channel (spinal cord ) (and the ligament going to buckling more u need to fix that if you don’t want to losses possibility to walk and use on your hands even if you not going arrived to paralysis complity
i want appoioment with you also in past i try (and i can tell you that i
was send all of my scanes to the address that your office tell me (but them arrived to steadman clinic (and you work with them 25 years and you finished to work with them in 2021 .
to shipping the package
i cant send to po box but can send to door to door (what you offer ?