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“Compression of the cord is called spinal cord compression. Compression of 30% of the canal can cause myelopathy but not always. I have seen myelopathy with only 10% cord compression and no myelopathy with 50% compression. Nonetheless,I would be concerned with a 30% canal compression for both myelopathy and the chance of a central cord injury.”
i m understand this what u say (of course i have not see cases of this )
myelopathy it is cord damage (it is problem )myelopathy cause the big problem with spinal cord injury
very important question to ask is (to the sentence i know from your topic (cervical central canal stenosis )
and also from other website .that myelopathy it is indication very clear to surgery (in the most opinion surgeon (probably most of them the good surgeon )
but i m very read that why u need to wait and let is going to happen
but cervical central canal stenosis it is the most common cause of stenosis (u write in the topic
in some cases that central canal stenosis start (probably presser the cord by 30 % dysfunction of the spinal cord start (myelopathy it is the result )
and if u ask me a bout the video i send to you personality and not know how this is not arrived to your clinic.i