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I m getting worse symptoms are progress,i m really thinking that compression on spinal cord see in my MRI 3.9.21 and this also progress (when the spinal cord started PINCHED from posterior (by mild pinch,how the progress can goes?
Today i m 70 days after symptoms very worsen by last 4 days ,and more worsen by last 2 days
I not started to feel losses motor function or severe losses mussels control (but all other symptoms i write early are very seen .
I will do MRI 3 TESLA By one two days
With my symptoms u think i need not to stand a lot and little moovmentt wait to MRI ,and how much time i have that i am going to worsen (if the needles in one legs start before 8 days and on both in before 4 days ,how much i have
The heavy legs Started before 2 mount
What u can say .
Thank u a bout your answer a lot of my questions here.
The CD going to send u tomorrow and think the arrived to u in express service (2 days )
I will talk to pay on this service (u gave me your opinion and gove me report.
And after i send u the new MRI IN a nother transfer (hope i have the time to decide what operation i need that.