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dr corenman i see yesterday neurosurgeon in local (and say him my symptoms all my symptoms )
i want to say also this dr see me before 3 months (and write me a paper i will not have a problem in future in cervical spine (because i do not have not normal structure ( i have normal e lordosis , but when i talked him a bout: *** the disc degeneration and say him for example about what MRI SHOW IN 2016 (that my disc in cervical spine from c2 to c5 are degeneration and also thin disc IN LEVEL C4-5 for example JUST 2 MM (AND SAY HIM THE DISC ITS LIKE HALF OF THE DISC BELOW AND ALSO DISC C3-4 AND 2-3 ARE IN PROBELM (i say him its happen because my special trauma unit in the pool (swimming backstroke and all the way down to central of the end of the pool and boom into the wall (also say me like what happen to the skull (not cant come from my a collision with a wall because the skull are very hard bone (but u know what is wall of pool who is more hard and with speed of 1.5 meter of second this not happen (he give me some of not true things (i do a lot of research and i know that very well )
also one great lecture on cervical stenosis (dr cantor one surgeon open my brain also to this potential problem (also i read the same things in your excellent website (not see a lot of spine surgeon have website like this (on website 0 other have great YouTube channel like one profesor great lecutre (on hi, channel how to read MRI (LECTURE OF MORE ONE AND HALF OUR and on cervical anatomy (lecture of 1 hour and 40 minutes i read a lot and listen a lot from person average from the street .(but i need dr are special expert can help me with the progress of pinching the cord from posterior (i have a lot symptoms from sensation .
but see this please my symptoms (very contact to compression from posterior on the cervical spinal canal .
(Cervical myelopathy does not typically cause symptoms until the spinal cord is compressed by at least 30%.1 Anterior (front) spinal cord compression tends to cause motor dysfunction, and posterior (back) spinal cord compression tends to cause sensory deficits.2 It is possible for the cord to be compressed in both the front and back (this from this website : ) and see my
symptoms :
1.heavy legs start before 2 mounts
2 .neck pain for long period of time (also in the back of the neck )
3.degenrative disc from multi level (from c2-to c5 dd in c2-4 and c4-5 thin disc 2 mm
this measurement from MRI IN 2016 (WHEN I WAS 26 NOT I M 31 )
I WILL BE in problem in past and i m arrived to this point of developed stared pinch cord (and started early processes of myelopathy from (posterior )
i do not how to call this but in little area from posterior i have pinch the cord (it svery see this also in the axial cut (very little area )
hope i find the the men expert help me after the MRI .