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Clear point-When i m dressed my pants its more slowly.(this very mild and i see this more in the morning (also when i put long pants (i prefer one morning short pants because this feel me more easy to put (and this not happen in before this weeks)(this symptoms i see in just last to day’s (and its very mild (on the day short pants i dress with no problem (even with legs feel heavy ).
So a lot of drastic symptoms I don’t have
But i have some signs of symptoms
Are very new from me with experience neck pain a long of time .
Injury to the neck in past.
The legs feel heavy .
Some numbness in legs (and in the last week feel needles(not a lot of time but does happen 2 times in one Day) and pins to my right knee and right hip (and this do where i get to sit and that i want to bed )
NCT i say some of the results
EMG of needles also show problem in the mussel of legs .
He writes in conclusion of EMG mussels
TA IN right +EDB both sides slightly large polypous motor unit ,full muscle recruitment, without pungent denervation or myopathic pattern.
In mussels Trapezius Left: normal motor units , easy polyaphesis and full recruitment without pungent denervation or myopathic pattern.
Other mussels are checking : sportopitnus left side Trapezius r , deltoid r and l ,trisps l ,EDC L ,vm r,GCM R ,TA L :
normal motor units ,full recruitment, without acute denervation,with out chronic denervation ,with out myopathic pattern.
This is full conclusion what the dr test this writing in conclusion paper of EMG .
NCT I WRITE u early what the problem he writes
Motor nerves control are ok.
But on sensory motor he found some evidence of not ok ( i wrote some of the numbers)