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I have do some examination: i checked by myself and see :
Finger escape sign (in the left hand
Very see this well .
On the right hand i not see this (very mild to what show in the left hand little finger )
I know this some of could be possitive sign to examination to cervical myelopathy .
The head feel heavy (i need to sit down ) another sign of degeneration of the disc in c apine by significant issues.
Also i can walk and swimm but i feel more heavy in my legs in the last mounts.
I have chronic neck pain a long time (worsen by over times )(i diagnosis myself to have arthritis in my neck alao can call cervical spondylosis)
Stiffness very usually (NECK stiff very often to other normal person .
***I have limited rotation to the left side to how much degrees compared to left side (so where atlanto axial joint respond for most rotation .
And arthritis in the uper neck developed from the degeneration of the disc on the front (MRI 2016 SHOW THIS DISC ARE PROBLEM)
and this degeneration disc diesase xome from i bumped my head on the wall of the pool (by backstroke it was at least speed 1.5 meter for second (I don’t know how much exactly this was but i hace what left in my skull where the head a collision with the wall (and what it do to the cervical spine.
I see my last mri (from last month)and also compared to before on your
And see change by CSF a round the posterior (c4 level)
Its see in very area ( in cut line 1.5 mm sagittal)(the slice in my to last mri show u the (150 mm of c s broken to 100 sliced 1.5mm
But also in sagittal (was 13 sliced of 3 mm cut (or 3.3) show compress by spinal cord (csf in this little area )
The CSF looks despair from more area (i can show u this what i mean .