Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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Your symptoms are neck pain with left arm symptoms and you are planning a neck surgery to relieve these symptoms. Along with neck pain you note: “my left arm and hand along with fingers have weakness, achy and numbness”.

The nerves that descend into the hand originate from C5-T1 and your MRI report notes no foraminal root compression at these levels which would explain that complaint. The C3-4 level can cause local neck pain but the nerve root here does not descend into the arm and this is the only level noted to have root compression.

You might have a peripheral nerve compression causing the hand complaints but that should have been picked up by the EMG. As of this time, the information you have provided does not give a clear path to the level or levels needed to have surgery. What level(s) are being addressed surgically?

Dr. Corenman