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Thanks for your responses. I really appreciate it!

Results from my CT scan a couple of weeks ago:

L3-L4: There is mild loss of intervertebral disc space height with a mild disc bulge
resulting in some mild spinal canal narrowing in conjunction with mild bilateral facet joint
L4-L5: There has been a mini laminectomy on the left with some postsurgical change seen.
There is a left paracentral disc bulge that effaces the left lateral recess at this level
that likely irritates the descending left L5 nerve root which appears slightly flattened.
There is mild narrowing of the neural exit foramen on the left without compression of the
exiting left L4 nerve root. No significant foraminal narrowing on the right.
L5-S1: Mild diffuse disc bulge is present. No significant spinal canal narrowing or
foraminal narrowing.

1. What does it exactly mean when they describe the left L5 nerve root appearing “slightly flattened”? How severe is this? Is surgery necessary to relieve this flattening?
2. Yesterday I went for a short walk and I started to get some shooting nerve pain into my left calf. I’m almost 7 weeks at this point with symptoms and I feel like I’m not getting better. I feel like I’m in “limbo” and wondering if I should just schedule surgery?