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“Narrowing of the disk height by a small percentage is not an indication for surgery. 6 mm between C2-3 can be a normal finding.
*THE DISC not 6 mm its half of this and degenerated (but the space between vertebral body c2- to c3 when u measurements the distance its arrived to 6 mm but if u measurements the disc inside this space it is max arrived to 4 mm but just in small place a cross the width of the disc (if the width it is 15-20 mm this 4 mm stay just in 3-4 mm but the more than half of the disc c2-3 losses a lot high (also like i write he very degenerated.

Dr. Corenman
My disc in MRI OF 2016 (1.5 TESLA AND GOOD IMAGES SCAN THIS was show
C2-3 disc (not just losses a lot of high (also black and degenerated of u look on c2-3 a cross the width of him he doesn’t just black also very thin (like even not arrived to 2 mm )(c2-3 looks more degenerated from every other disc )
After it is C3-4 also degenerated
Arrived to max 3 mm (and change the shape with degenerated )(on c3-4 left side also see pressure on left nerve root (pressure by like 50% of the root)
C4-5 looks thin disc (2 mm max arrived to 2.5 mm but this disc is not degenerated but looks thin
C5-6 it is look more normal big (4 mm high and bright
C6-7 looks 4.5-5 mm and also bright
C7-t1 it is normal
This my opinion on my FIRST MRI 2016