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What i m try to say it is one of my symptoms its it is pain around the back of the left ear (stabbing and aching (this symptoms its on the last years (like 2 years if i remember good)
And it come also with symptoms of neck pain also on middle left side of neck and sometimes the pain come in back of neck with uper shoulder .
ABOUT WHAT I SEE IN MY eyes after a lot of listen and reading to the average person and it is :
in this MRI UPER NECK I don’t things so (in level c2-4 also degenerated c4-5 thin when measurements c4-5 its arrived(2 mm max to 2.5mm hight of this disc )
(cut line in MRI OF 2016 SAGITTAL IT 3 MM )
C2-4 look degenerative like i write.
With a long rest on the floor/bad (limited the forces of head the pain less after i sleep 7 Hours but 3-4 hours after the pain around the ear back and chronic a long the day one-2 hour chronic in Day (not a cross all the week sometime have break to this symptom.
Thanks for your attention.