Vail_DailyAccording to Vail Spine Surgeon, Dr. Donald Corenman, an orthopedic back doctor with The Steadman Clinic, children generally do not complain of back pain, but when they do, parents should heed their warning.

While parents sometimes have a tendency to have the child “run it off”, many times, lower back pain in an adolescent may generate from overuse syndrome or a strain/sprain. What is the difference? Overuse is the temporary internal disruption of the contracting proteins in the muscle that creates the “soreness” that can be present after participating in an activity that hasn’t been done in a while. A strain is a small tear of a muscle or tendon; and a sprain is a small tear of a ligament. Both of these ailments are benign and according to Dr. Corenman, will disappear on their own with proper care and rest.

There are other issues relating to the spine that can create back pain in children that may not necessarily go away on their own. Dr. Corenman discusses back pain in children further in a two-part series that is being featured in the Vail Daily.

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