clinical-bookAccording to the American Chiropractic Association, Americans spend fifty billion dollars a year on treating and coping with back pain. Vail, Colorado spine surgeon, Dr. Donald Corenman, offers clinicians an additional resource with his new physical examination book, which offers insight and practical knowledge for lumbar spine disorders and problems of the spine, including diagnosis and treatment. The physical examination book begins with basic anatomy and physiology of the spine, including images and illustrations for easy reference, and also details the mechanics of lower back pain and leg pain.

In this book, which is considered a must-have resources for clinicians, Dr. Corenman explains the underlying causes of back pain and provides techniques for completing a comprehensive medical history and physical examination. He then correlates the findings to specific spinal and non-spinal disorders. Both recognition and treatment for lumbar spine trauma are also discussed.

To learn more, please see full article: Vail, CO Spine Surgeon, Dr. Donald Corenman, Releases New Physical Examination Book for Clinicians Offering Clinical Insight on Spine Disorders and Causes of Back Pain

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