Dr. Donald Corenman appears with host Dr. Ed Kornel discussing how to properly train for a marathon and other extreme sports without causing bodily harm. Dr. Corenman uses his experience treating professional athletes at The Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado to assist Dr. Kornel in offering advice to listeners. Discussed on the call is:

  • An 83 year old man in constant pain due to his spinal stenosis in his lower back inquiring about the X-STOP procedure.
  • A 63 year old man with a degenerated disc problem in his back who is looking for ways to continue with his passion for running.
  • A woman who has stenosis in her neck with myelopathy and is afraid to have a major spinal surgery, especially in her neck.
  • A man with stenosis in his neck contemplating cortisone injections and surgery.
  • Laser surgery.

To listen to the audio version of the program: Dr. Don Corenman on Avoiding Injuries While Training for the Marathon

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