Neck Specialist and Back Surgeon for Glenwood Springs, CO Recreational Athletes

Glenwood Springs, Colorado is a small and vibrant town located in Garfield County. The town is often known for its historic hot springs and as a popular destination for vacationers, but many individuals call Glenwood Springs home. Local residents of all ages love to get outdoors as often as possible to engage in both summer and winter recreational athletic activities, such as biking, skiing, golfing and rafting. With the large amount of sporting activities available all year, comes the increased risk of a Glenwood Springs resident becoming injured. If an injury occurs to the neck or back portion of the body, residents are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Donald Corenman. As a neck specialist and back surgeon, Dr. Corenman specializes in both simple and complex injuries to the cervical and lumbar spine.

Back Doctor and Neck Surgeon Treating Injured Athletes Living in the Glenwood Springs, CO Area

Glenwood Springs, Colorado is well-known for outdoor recreational activities. Popular sporting activities for residents include:

  • Skiing- Sunlight Mountain Resort is the hometown hill for locals, and commonly a preferred resort due to the numerous hot springs in the area.
  • Mountain biking- Popular routes in the local area include the Forest Hollow Trail, Scout Trail and the Red Mountain Trail.
  • Biking- Numerous designated bike paths for more relaxing rides, compared to mountain biking, are also available, including the Glenwood Canyon Recreational Trail and the Rio Grande Trail.
  • Golfing- A local 9-hole golf course known as “The Hill”, as well as several larger courses, allows golfing enthusiasts to play a round of golf during the warmer summer months.
  • Rafting and kayaking- Two of Colorado’s largest rivers, the Colorado River and the Roaring Fork River, join in Glenwood Springs. Both rivers are heavily used by locals for rafting and kayaking, as well as fishing.

All of these activities create a fantastic setting for residents who call Glenwood Springs, Colorado home. More often than not, locals are active, fit and healthy year round because of the diverse outdoor sporting activities available. Because of the wide number of sports, certain residents will experience an injury to the lumbar or cervical spine. The most common injuries found in recreational athletes include herniated discs, sciatica, cervical spine fractures and dislocations, lumbar spine fractures and mild muscle sprains and strains.

Dr. Corenman, neck specialist and back surgeon, specializes in:

Any recreational athlete living in Glenwood Springs, Colorado who experiences a spinal injury is encouraged to contact Dr. Donald Corenman, neck specialist and back surgeon, at his nearby office location.

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