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Eagle, Colorado is a smaller town compared to many surrounding cities, but the local community is full of active residents. Located just 30 miles west of Vail and Beaver Creek, Eagle residents can enjoy a wide number of recreational activities year round, ranging from skiing and snowboarding to mountain biking and hiking. Orthopedic spine surgeon and back specialist, Dr. Donald Corenman is proud to serve residents of Eagle if a back or neck injury occurs during athletic activities. At his nearby practice, Dr. Corenman is able to diagnose and treat numerous spinal injuries with a non-surgical or surgical approach.

Back Doctor and Neck Specialist Available to Treat Eagle, CO Trail Athletes

The town of Eagle, Colorado is gaining local and national recognition for its extensive trail system. Eagle is surrounded by town-owned open space, as well as US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands. Local residents, as well as visitors, have the ability to explore over 100 miles of trails on foot, bike or skis. Popular recreational activities associated with the trails include mountain biking, trail running, hiking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, backcountry skiing and Nordic skiing.

Many residents of Eagle engage in mountain biking season, March through November, each year. Mountain biking is a fun way to stay fit and active, but back pain is quite common in riders. Lower back pain affects bikers of all ages at some point, no matter the physical shape of rider. Poor posture, on and off the bike, is one of the most common causes of pain, as well as spine instability and imbalance. Many riders also place additional strain on the spine by wearing a heavy backpack full of drinks, snacks, safety items and first aid kits.

The trails in Eagle, Colorado are also an ideal place for athletes to go hiking and trail running. It is common for both trail runners and hikers to experience low back pain from uphill running or climbing. This is because the biomechanics of going uphill causes athletes to take longer strides, make posture changes and use muscles differently, all having the possibility of creating extra strain on the spine.

No matter the athletic activity, Eagle residents can become injured during the year. Dr. Corenman and his team encourage any resident who experiences a spinal injury to contact his office immediately. Without a proper diagnosis and treatment plan, a simple injury can turn into a chronic condition.

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If you live in Eagle, Colorado and have become injured on the trail system, please contact the practice of Dr. Donald Corenman, orthopedic spine surgeon and back specialist providing non-surgical and surgical treatments for spinal injuries.

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