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Denver, Colorado is the most populous city in the state. Located in the South Platte River Valley, local residents have the ability to visit the Rocky Mountains, as well as numerous city parks and recreational areas, in order to stay active and healthy. The “Mile High City” is considered an outdoor adventure and professional sports paradise by locals and visitors. With a wide number of local hikes, excursions, parks and recreational activities, certain Denver residents will experience an injury to the back or neck during the year. If an injury occurs, Dr. Donald Corenman, back pain doctor and neck surgeon, is available to diagnose and treat the injury at his nearby practice so athletes can return to the sporting activities they love.

Back Surgeon and Neck Doctor Specializing in Spinal Injuries found in Denver, CO Recreational Athletes

Denver, Colorado offers local residents over 200 parks ranging from mini-parks to the giant City Park, as well as almost 30 recreation centers that provide sports programs and athletic locations. Popular parks and recreation centers include:

  • City Park
  • Genesee Park
  • Cheesman Park
  • Winter Park Resort
  • Bluff Lake Nature Center

Denver residents utilize the many local parks and recreational areas to hike, run, jog, bike, sled, showshoe, cross country ski and participate in organized sports. Unfortunately, certain residents will experience neck pain or back pain associated with a spinal injury during a recreational sporting activity. It is highly recommended any resident contact a spine specialist at the time of injury and onset of symptoms so a treatment plan can be prescribed.

Dr. Corenman, back pain doctor and neck surgeon, specializes in:

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Available to Treat Denver, CO Professional Athletes

Denver, Colorado is a pro sports paradise. The Mile High City has been home to professional, competitive sports programs since 1960. The major league sports teams include:

  • Denver Broncos (NFL)
  • Colorado Rockies (MLB)
  • Denver Nuggets (NBA)
  • Colorado Avalanche (NHL)
  • Colorado Rapids (MLS)
  • Denver Stampede (Pro Rugby)

Cervical and lumbar spine injuries are fairly common in professional athletes because of the highly competitive and demanding nature of the sports programs. The most common lumbar spine injuries include mild muscle strains and sprains, but more complex injuries can also occur such as a herniated disc, spondylolisthesis and spine fractures and dislocations. Common cervical spine injuries include fractures and dislocations, cervical stenosis, intervertebral disc injuries and brachial plexus injuries.

Any Denver, Colorado athlete, either recreational or professional, who has experienced a back or neck injury, is encouraged to contact the office of Dr. Donald Corenman, back pain doctor and neck surgeon.

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