Many residents of Aurora, Colorado are active, healthy and physically fit throughout the year. The City of Aurora offers numerous open spaces, recreation centers and golf courses for its residents to utilize, and the Rocky Mountains are always a popular destination for recreational athletes year round. Individuals of all ages are encouraged to remain active in order for the body to function at an optimal level. Unfortunately, certain individuals will experience an injury to the lumbar or cervical spine during an athletic activity. Orthopedic spine surgeon and back doctor, Dr. Donald Corenman specializes in a wide number of injuries and conditions that cause neck pain and back pain. His patients can always depend on his exceptional patient care from the time of injury diagnosis to the return to sporting activities.

Neck Surgeon and Back Specialist Treating Aurora, CO Recreational Athletes Injured in the Summer Months

Aurora, Colorado residents love to remain active during the warmer summer months, not just the winter months. The City of Aurora offers numerous golf courses ranging from championship layouts to 18-hole executive courses for local residents. Residents can also visit the Aurora Central Recreation Center. The rec center offers:

  • Adult sports leagues
  • Adult 50+ programs
  • Fitness classes
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Pools and swimming
  • Tennis and racquet sports
  • Youth sports leagues

With all of these recreational activities, comes the increased risk of back injuries and neck injuries in local Aurora residents. The most common injuries of the spine associated with recreational athletes include muscle strains and sprains, disc injuries, fractures and dislocations and spinal cord injuries.

Spine Specialist Available for Aurora, CO Recreational Athletes Injured During On-Mountain Winter Activities

Winter recreational athletes living in Aurora, Colorado often visit the surrounding ski resorts to participate in on-mountain activities, such as sledding, snowboarding, skiing and ice skating. Even though these popular activities keep residents active during the cold winter months, spinal injuries can occur during a fall on ice or hard-packed snow.

Muscle strains and sprains, especially in the lower back, are relatively common in winter athletes. More serious spinal injuries can also occur during a fall or other traumatic event, including a spinal cord injury, whiplash or a fracture or dislocation of the cervical or lumbar spine.

Local residents of Aurora are able to enjoy recreational activities and the mountains year round. If a back or neck injury occurs, Dr. Corenman is available to diagnose and treat the condition at his nearby practice.

Dr. Corenman, orthopedic spine surgeon and back doctor, specializes in:

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