This is a GPS system for spinal surgery not dissimilar to the one you find in cars to locate your position. The video screen shows in real time where the surgeon’s tools are in relation to the patient’s spine. It starts with a reference frame secured on an anatomic part (normally a spinous process). A scan is taken of the spine (either a C arm image similar to an X-ray or an O arm image which is a CT scan) in the operating room while the patient is asleep. The spinal images are displayed on a TV screen and the subsequent implantable hardware is superimposed on these images demonstrating exactly where the implants are in relation to the spine. This gives great precision where the titanium implants are placed to prevent inadvertent exposure to the spinal cord or a nerve root by these implants.

It shows the spine as an image on a TV screen and superimposes the image of the instrument the surgeon is working with. Placement of instruments becomes safe and sure without guesswork. The addition of the O arm makes the imaging 3 dimensional and even that much safer.

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