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    Hi Doc,

    I am reading the entire forum and learn something daily. It answers long standing troubling questions. I have come on one I wondered about and find no answer.

    It involves your remark about x-rays:
    “DMX or fluoroscopic X-rays are generally not recommended with diagnosing instability as the dose exposure to X-ray is significant and the information can be gained by standard positional X-rays with much less X-ray exposure”

    In an arthritic neck, with numerous trauma and a yet unknown degree of nerve irritation, and multiple pain generators I think my pain management experience was disjointed, with extra blocks leading to a c3-8, then c2-3 radiofrequency and one epidural. The results were minimal. Especially the c3-8 block and radiofrequency involved long stints with the fluoroscopy machine (30 plus minutes 3 times).

    More educated now I am considering a new pm doc, targeted at c2-4 facets and another epidural. I have worried and read about these x-rays and after a lifetime of caution I’m exposed to long sessions and maybe more to come. At the same time I am learnind the limits of what can be accomplished for neck pain and at what cost.

    Are the x-rays worrisome and how much is too much or too often??

    I take Ultram (2x50mg daily) and an average of 1200mg Advil daily (more or less). It cuts the pain level from a debilitating 6-7 in half to about a depressing but functional 3(ish) With all the hoopla about pain management they are having parades if they cut your pain in half.

    At some point, or at least for a period of time, if the medication (no side effects) gives the 50% pain reduction does it become a reasonable or even better choice??

    Thanks doc

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    X-rays in moderation are generally acceptable. That case I was discussing was constant fluoroscopy for a long period of time (DMX motion fluoroscopy) and I am not a fan.

    The rhizotomy fluoroscopy should be on/off images and expose you to significantly less x-rays. Even if your time on the table was prolonged, the exposure should not be.

    50% pain relief with your medication regime is acceptable in my opinion.

    Dr. Corenman

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